Learn to help in various situations, from “tongue swallowing” to bleeding, for free. Basic first aid is a valuable life-saving skill that everyone should know.

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1. Introduction to First Aid: Aims, Incident Management, Safety and Infection Control

2. Assessing the Casualty: Primary and Secondary Assessment

  • Basic patient examination
  • Primary survey
  • Secondary survey
  • How to check for responsiveness, breathing and for any serious life threatening injuries,
  • Recognizing conditions and injuries that could harm the casualty latter.
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2.1 Advanced Assessment of Consciousness in First Aid. Grading consciousness using the AVPU scale and Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). Click here for this sub-chapter.

3. Help the Unconscious Casualty: CPR and Prevent “Tongue Swallowing”

  • How to treat immediate life threats
  • Helping the unconscious breathing casualty
  • Recovery position and opening the airway (preventing “tongue swallowing”)
  • First aid for a not breathing casualty (clinically dead)
  • How to do CPR.
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